C Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


Looking for a comfortable and supportive pregnancy pillow in Lebanon? Our C-shaped full body pillow is perfect for the third trimester, providing relief from discomfort and reducing interruptions throughout the night. The adjustable polyfill material adapts to your belly and back, providing support for your entire body. The 100% Jersey Cotton Cover is machine-washable for convenience. Get your pregnancy pillow now and enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep!

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    • This C-shaped full body pillow is designed to replace the need for multiple bed pillows and provides support for your back, hips, knees, neck, and head, made in Lebanon.
    • The adjustable polyfill material of this pillow makes it suitable for various purposes such as sleeping, reading, nursing, or watching TV.
    • If you are experiencing discomfort during the third trimester of pregnancy, this full-body pregnancy pillow can help reduce interruptions throughout the night and relieve back pain.
    • This full-body pillow is not just for pregnancy but also provides support for anyone who needs it, whether recovering from surgery or tired of using multiple pillows.
    • The cover of this pillow is made of 100% Jersey Cotton that can be removed and machine-washed.


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